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12 May 2005, Object Health

EHR readiness assessment and starter assessment from the EHR: Pathway to Healthier Communities forum. Also referenced as a tool in Section 3.A, Item 2 of the Healthcare Technology Resource Guide.
To download a copy of the EHR Readiness Assessment or the EHR Starter Assessment, you must first agree to our End User License Agreement. To read the agreement and download the assessment, please click here:
EHR Readiness Assessment
EHR Starter Assessment

Successful transition from paper-based charts to an electronic health record (EHR) requires organization-wide commitment, significant process change, and ample human and financial resources. As with implementation of any information technology that automates a workflow process, readiness for EHR adoption is extremely important. Lack of organization-wide readiness has been a major contributor to the overwhelmingly high failure rate of EHR adoptions throughout the health care industry. The Community Clinic EHR Readiness Assessment is designed to help clinics move toward adoption of electronic health records to improve quality of care and gain workflow efficiencies, and is intended to provide your clinic with insight about your degree of readiness for EHR adoption as well as provide education about success factors for adoption. We are very interested in your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts, suggestions and improvements to this tool, as we would like to make it as useful and appropriate as possible.